Creating a unique identity has been the mark Hysek wanted to leave since it was founded 10 years ago. As one of the greatest designers in the watch industry, the brand is consistently recognized and respected for creativity and the stand alone exclusive typology. With a style all it’s own, the brand has personality and singularity for each timepiece in the collections, and has worked to keep traditional out of the swiss watch industry.

The distinctive cases are one concept the brand has worked dilligenty to develop, and the concept they have characterized begins with creative lines, and details that are unmatched. The elements that identify the brand of course are displayed on the dial with numbers 1, 5, 7, 11 and follow with the fold-over buckle. The exclusive design and continued forward momentum the brand has developed positions them in the high-end luxury watch field.

Hysek worked on a strategy for enhanced movements and they have dedicated their main collection to complication timepieces. The sophisticated mechanical execution the brand crafted is what made them move in to the key area of horological brilliance and step into the arena of exquisite timepiece manufacturing. Today, on the brand 10th anniversary, they offer seven timepiece collections, each with an individual identity, recognizable style, and elegant quality. The shapes and details of each piece bring the architectural vision of the brand to life. Technical advancement combined with the sleek and specific beauty of the timepieces have helped the brand build a following by people seeking to differentiate themselves, people wanting more.

When it comes to timepieces, Swiss watchmakers have always been the history of perfection. Promoting trust and building reputation is the heritage that Swiss brand Hysek has strived for and yet rather than live in the past, they embrace their present and why manufacturing in house gave them the independence they were seeking. Producing their own crowns, cases, calibers and complications has provided them that freedom, and really makes them proud of the path they have blazed.

One of the truly amazing developments the brand created was the HW14 movement, powerful and totally conceived and developed by Hysek. The remarkable design also has a symbolic meaning, the sunray decoration on the dial really depicts the brand, rising in a short timeframe, but showcasing a future that is bright and shining. So while the history might not be that of most Swiss manufacturers, the timepieces certainly have captured every moment for those that have fallen in love with Hysek.

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