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Patek Philippe Grand Complication: Grand Style of Patek Philippe

The Patek Philippe Grand Complication design pushes the limit of complicated watch design.  This particular watch series reflects the watchmaker’s ability to surpass even the most difficult design tests by bringing to the table accuracy and skill like any other.  The combination of luxury, artistry, and skill is unsurpassable.  The face of the watch is smooth, most designs featuring a simple round faced look.  These watches are available for both men and women.  The men’s watch series features a bold look that is visually striking while the ladies watches are classic, yet modern in appearance.

The beautiful gold look of the ladies complicated watches protects the face of the watch in a stunning array of smooth edges and a comfortable leather band.  The horological function of the watch masterfully displays everything from the hours of the day down to the seconds.  Featuring an annual calendar, multiple time zone function, and an astronomical relay, this watch is one of the most technologically advanced watched provided by the Patek Philippe manufacturer.  Lunar phase enthusiasts will love the feature of the Grand Complication combined with the luxurious design and durability of such a carefully handcrafted piece.  Every watch is made from dedication and the most renowned quality pieces.

Featuring crocodile straps and an array of beautifully colored gears and faces, the Patek Philippe Grand Complication series is perhaps one of the most advanced among all watch manufacturers.  For example, the 5104P style of men’s complicated watch features a skeletonized face structure, black leather crocodile wrist strap, self-winding ability, and scratch resistant sapphire crystal.  The back of the watch is enclosed with sapphire crystal exhibition black.  The bezels of the watch are carefully crafted in platinum, making this a sturdy, versatile, and beautiful watch.  It definitely makes the watch a central conversation piece at any get together.

This is considered a prestigious timepiece that features complexity and ingenuity.  The moon phase featured on the watch adds to the complexity of the design, reflecting the quality of the manufacturer.  The skill of the company is remarkably noticeable in Patek’s complicated watches.  From the elaborate mechanisms of the watch all the way down to the embossed Calatrava cross featured on the platinum crown.  While most watches may seem ordinary in nature, the Grand Complication is anything but ordinary.  It breaks the mold of traditional watch features and brings to the table something more elaborate.

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