Rolex Date

The Rolex brand is valued the world over as an icon of beauty, quality, precision, style and taste. Though there have been other monumental names in horology none has touched the zenith of public admiration as the brand has done. A Manhattan research group that tracks high end consumers recently conducted a survey of 17 well-known luxury brands of watches. It was unequivocally established that Rolex and Cartier were the most widely known brands in the US.

The Rolex Date started its production in late 1950s. As the name conveys so obviously it has a date function. The date models were once available in three hues, steel, 18k yellow gold and steel and 18k yellow gold. Now only the steel version is available. The models which are not produced do have great value among the collectors and are now hard to find.  The model is the Holy Grail among the watch collectors. The timepiece is certainly a reliable one with a mechanical automatic movement called Cal 3035.

Going into other salient features that are found in the watch, all have 34 mm, and in one version a 36 mm, size steel case and oyster bracelets. Some of the bezels are artistically engine turned, while some others have fluted or plain bezels. A few versions have smooth or domed bezels. The variations are mostly made in the dials and the way hour markers are represented. Consequently the dials could be white, black and silver. The model usually uses stick hour markers. However, at times both Roman and Arabic numerals are employed. Some versions have luminescent material on the hour markers and on the hands to enhance visibility in all light conditions.

Rolex Date is in a way a simple timepiece based on the principle of function decides the form. However, the simplicity has a beguiling quality due to the chiseled perfection achieved in its minimalism and the immortal prestige of the brand. Everything in the watch is beautifully controlled by the higher aesthetics. Thus the oyster bracelet adroitly fuses with the case which gives the impression that they are just one unit. In the background of this bewitching simplicity the display of the logo and the brand name makes the piece classic and timeless. That is why in spite of its plainness the watch has become a hot favorite among people ever since it saw the light of the day.

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