Closer look to Bovet

Oddly enough, but the history of the original Bovet Swiss watches had begun in China. In the 19th century a young businessman Edward Beauvais in Guangzhou founded a company to produce watches. Edward himself a native of Switzerland, and that's where exactly he returned a few years later. Watches Bovet still considered an integral part of Chinese history, for a long time the master of this collection was kept in the imperial family of China. Of course, in the early 20th century imperial palaces were looted and there are still remnants of the collection from different owners. Let’s look a little closer to Bovet’s history.

The history of Bovet is very unusual, since there are two dates of foundation. First time the company was opened in 1920, by brothers in the town of Beauvais Canton. Edward Bove returned to his homeland in 1940, and this year is the year of the official foundation of Bovet timepieces, and he moved all the production to Fleurier in Switzerland.

This brand was not particularly well known in the world until 1997, and remained in a limbo. At the end of the 20th century, the production was bought by Swiss entrepreneur and collector of rare watches - Pascal Raffy, who gave new life to the brand Bovet. Pascal Raffy had attracted the very best designers of the country to work on Swiss watches Bovet, to eventually create a large number of masterpieces of watchmaking. 

Bovet brand has always been known as an example of innovative ideas and high quality. All Bovet watches are assembled by hand, in the style of production 18-19th century. Watches Bovet and every model in its own original, unique but recognizable. At the beginning of the last century luxury watches Bovet had a special signature - a transparent back panel. This decorated element gave to the watches unusual and unique look. 

Bovet watches have their own special flair - the crown is not located near the 3 o'clock, but near 12 hours mark. And the special painted dial makes it glamorous. Perhaps because of this wristwatch Bovet equal to the work of art. The company uses the latest technology and high quality materials. Bovet Watches have been produced in small batches, and no more than 2,000 copies a year. Original watches Bovet never stay for long on the shelves, because they are one of the best and elite Swiss watch manufacturer.

The history of brilliant Bovet company – is a story of remarkable discoveries and achievements. Most recently, in 2010, the company experienced another triumph - the world applauded to its new creation, the collection of watches Amadeo. This year the brand Bovet again made a major breakthrough in the watch industry, releasing a model Monsieur Dimier Recital 12.

Bovet brand makes all the components for their timepieces in-house. Bovet is a very exact representation of "old world luxury." Their products represent not only an interpretation of what the brand has produced for about 200 years, but also produces a very unique designs even among other luxury watch makers today.

One of the things that makes Bovet special is the owner. Inspite of Mr. Raffy did not invent the brand, but he is more a manager and keeper of its history and reputation. When he purchased the company in 2001, Bovet was making about 200 timepieces per year, and nowadays they company producing under 4,000 watches per year. It might be still a small amount, but Mr. Raffy had increased its size and yet retains a tremendous amount of pieces in the collection.

According to what Mr. Raffy says - Bovet does not produce watches, but they produce "timepieces."