Cristiano Ronaldo in new Jacob & Co Ghost Watch Ad Campaign

The soccer superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo appears in the new Jacob & Co Ghost Watch ad campaign, featuring the amazing timepiece, displaying 20 different time zones on the face, a watch that certainly would be a needed accessory for such a jet-setting soccer star. Ronaldo is a forward for Real Madrid, the captain of the Portuguese national team, and a high profile client of the New York based brand.

As a long time client of the brand, the soccer star is now personal friends with owner Jacob Arabo. Both men share a passion for creativity and excellent craftsmanship. Ronaldo is a collector of fine watches, and therefore looks for quality, precision and design brilliance. The Ghost watch certainly is a great fit for his lifestyle and frequency of international travels.

The five sided case design is the first aspect of the craftsmanship that catches your eye, followed by the array of features that truly must be seen to appreciate what a masterpiece this timepiece is. The 47mm wide case is perfect for display and aesthetic perfection. The watch is created with a new digital LCD screen that is unlike anything seen before.

Cristiano Ronaldo in new Jacob & Co Ghost Watch Ad Campaign

The Jacob & Co Ghost Watch is offered in a number of styles and decoration. One example, a PVD steel case, encrusted with a decorated baguette diamond bezel, absolutely classic elegance at its best. There are several polished steel cases and other diamond bezels available, as well as a carbon fiber bezel that is extremely sporty and versatile for a more relaxed style, as well as a less pricey version.

The size of the timepiece is perfect for drawing attention without being over the top. The watch is technically exciting, slightly extravagant, but a nice balance for someone who likes edgy and needs the time zones that the watch offers. The six screens that are offered provide a range of information. One center screen is just he Jacob & Co logo, but the other five multi-functional screens provide time, calendar, chronograph and more.

In order to preserve battery life, the screen will remain blank unless the user activates it, and one other amazing aspect of the timepiece is the intense backlighting. The screens offer 32 different colors. The watch can bring an entire disco to your wrist as you can have it set to just keep changing colors.

The appearance of Cristiano Ronaldo in the new Jacob & Co Ghost Watch ad campaign really captures the essence of the watch. Fun, exquisite craftsmanship, precise time keeping, world respected and certainly original, the watch is a testament to what the brand represents and allows for everyone to enjoy the colorful world of time.