Jacob and Co Unveils $6 Million Yellow Diamonds Millionaire Watch

Founded in 1986 by the famous diamond designer Jacob Arabo, Jacob & Co. has managed to adorn the jewelry and watch industry with expensive and exquisite timepieces. Because the founder is a jeweler at heart the spectacular adornment on each piece is to be expected. In 2015 the brand released what was known as the Billionaire watch and it featured 260 carats of diamonds and retailed at around $18 million dollars. Now the brand is unveiling what is known as the Millionaire Yellow Diamonds watch, which retails for $6 million.

The timepiece of course was not an easy piece to create and took over two years to first collect all the diamonds needed for the piece. The quest for yellow diamonds of the same color and quality was quite a challenge, not only the quantity, but the exact intense yellow that the jeweller required. Because of this quest, it is understandable that this is a one of a kind timepiece. Perfectly matched diamonds are the start of total perfection. The timepiece case is set with 127.45 carats of square emerald-cut certified intense yellow diamonds. To give you a clear picture, the case itself is crafted with 54 emerald-cut diamonds, and the crown is then set with a single rose-cut yellow diamond. The case alone features 31.74 carats, and the dial was designed with 1.1 baguette-cut yellow diamonds, while the 1.8 carat yellow gold bracelet was set with 210 emerald-cut yellow diamonds that weigh 95.71 carats. The diamond count on this timepiece is 276 yellow matching stones. To further enhance the overall beauty of this timepiece it is designed in 18 carat yellow gold.

The Millionaire is a timepiece that was created for someone who certainly could buy any watch or select piece of jewelry that they wanted, but someone who has their eye on a single timepiece that captures excellence in a unique and artistic way. While this piece is a work of art, it is not meant to be worn daily, it was crafted for a collector and someone who could only appreciate the beauty of such magnificence.

The watch is powered by an exclusive Jacob & Co. skeletonized manual wind caliber, the JCAM23. Each component, all 197 of them are hand finished and polished and the least amount of metal is used without compromising the timepieces overall endurance and strength. This timepiece was crafted from the beginning to be appreciated and valued by everyone who admires it. The different cuts of diamonds add an elegance to the piece, from emerald cuts to rose cut, from baguettes to brilliance the unbelievable intense yellow certification of these stones is breathtaking.

The Jacob and Co $6 Million Yellow Diamonds Millionaire Watch is unique and timeless, specifically it is one in a million. Whether you are a buyer or a collector, or someone that simply appreciates art and detail, this timepiece while expensive captures beauty in a way that no one else can.