James Cameron Makes it to the Challenger Deep Valley of the Mariana Trench - Rolex Intact

Did you realize how big of a role Rolex plays in modern history? Fifty years ago in 1960, two explorers by the names of Jacques Piccard and Lt. Don Walsh, descended in the Bathyscaphe Trieste, their submarine, to break the all-time human depth record of 35,813 feet. During that dive a Rolex Deep Sea Special was strapped to the outside of the submarine to gauge its durability during that depth and pressure. The divers and the Rolex survived their one-of-a-kind plunge. Fast forward to 2012 and for the first time since that original successful dive and one other man along with a Rolex have again achieved history by reaching the Challenger Deep and returning without a scratch to the surface.

James Cameron said of the experience, "Falling through darkness-that's something that a robot can't describe. Most importantly, though, is the significance of pushing the boundaries of where humans can go, what they can see and how they can interpret it." Obviously Rolex believes in that same principal, pushing the boundaries of where their watches can go and what they can withstand. The new version of the Rolex Deepsea Challenge watch was created specifically for the dive to survive up to 39,370 feet. Cameron also wore his own personal Rolex inside the submarine for the historic journey. What other brand name watches have such claims to fame?

James Cameron Makes it to the Challenger Deep Valley of the Mariana Trench – Rolex Intact

Cameron, famous for movies like Titanic, The Abyss, and Avatar, spent hours in the 2.5 story tall submarine in cramped quarters. A single bar above him allowed for grip so that he could pull up at intervals and give relief to his extremities. While on the ocean floor, he collected samples for scientific research including using a slurp gun for collecting small sea life, a robotic claw, and temperature, salinity, and pressure gauges. Final results on analysis from those samples will be revealed in a future edition of National Geographic magazine. The National Geographic Society and Rolex partnered to make the Deepsea Challenge Project possible.

Future dives are most likely in the works as Cameron and scientists want to continue to reinvigorate the interest in deep sea exploration. We're sure Rolex and it's gorgeous and its famous Deepsea Challenge watch will be along for the ride, reminding buyers not only is Rolex the epitome of class and elegance, it's also durable and able to withstand just about anything you might throw its way. Between the partnerships of The National Geographic Society, Rolex, James Cameron and all the scientists working on the current findings, look forward to a great documentary and much more adventure to come.