Patek Philippe Discontinues the Nautilus 5711

Don’t Stop!

Sometimes when a product is discontinued it has no impact but that is not the case with the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711.  The notice that the brand will discontinue certainly has caused a stir, with a decade long waiting list the production stop notice has turned the horological world on end.  While it is not unusual for older timepieces to be discontinued, it is surprising that a timepiece of this popularity was chosen.


Pressure of Pandemic

 Every industry has felt the pressure of the pandemic and the long term effects it has had on the world.  Retail sales are down and certainly the luxury watch market has suffered.  However, the demand for the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 has skyrocketed while many with similar features have declined. There are many reasons why timepieces become collectibles and the market can be driven by this demand in many ways. The pandemic has brought value to collectibles and will help timepieces grow in value for many.

Demand and Desire

 As with many collectible items desire and demand can drive value and prices up, but many might not have the same value in the end.  Buying a timepiece like the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 should be about your desire to own a quality timepiece that will always have elegance, and exquisite workmanship.  The popularity of the 5711 is driven not by the discontinuing of the watch, but by the fact that the brand was never able to meet demand for it when in production.  That rarity of course adds to the allure of the timepiece and continues to make it something of desire.  The brand is recognized for mechanical marvels and complex designs that also feature beauty and elegance for their timepieces.

Gone But Not Forgotten

While the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 may have been discontinued it will continue to be a timepiece that increased in value after the original sales.  Aftermarket prices on this beauty have always been higher and popularity high as well.  The community of horological investors and collectors had come to expect growth on the brand products and not all of them could retain like the Nautilus.  That also impacted the decision to discontinue and try to be practical in decisions for the brand overall.  After 15 years of producing this timepiece it is understandable that it is time to move on.  A next generation product will take the place and certainly they want to keep reliability and quality in every collection.  So while this beauty might be gone, certainly it will never be forgotten.