ROLEX: facts behind the brand

Doesn’t really matter if you are into watches or not, you definitely have heard the brand “Rolex”. This famous name literally yells of success, richness and wealth. It seems like every celebrity (starting from rock stars and ending with Hollywood actors) has spotted with Rolex on its wrist at least once.

The brand is so well-known that in many languages, its name was transformed into a kind of collective term: for example, in order to create a sketch of a successful person, it is just enough to mention that his wrist is decorated with gold Rolex, other adjectives to create an image you can safely delete.

But what do we really know about this brand? Why is everybody so crazy about Rolex, and why we should choose them over other brand? Let’s go through the main reasons why Rolex deserves more attention.

1. Rolex has been established since 1905

Probably won’t be a surprise for you that Rolex hasn’t just appeared on world arena, the brand has been celebrating its success over 100 years already. A man called Hans Wilsdorf was a founder of company and originally the name was “Wilsdorf & Davies”, based in London. It was just a couple years before the name Rolex was invented. Later, in 1910 brand got the Official Chronometer Certification from Switzerland, and what is really important that it was the first time it was given to a wristwatch.

Hans Wilsdorf had sent his “babies” into most incredible adventures: they were bolted to the outer skin of the bathyscaphe, sank to the bottom of the Mariana Trench (to a depth of 10,9 kilometers), conquered the most inaccessible mountain tops with climbers. Rolex watches were involved in the expeditions, furrowing the endless expanses of the North Pole, where they experienced extreme temperatures, and also they were on the wrists of the riders, who were driving at the highest speed at breakneck tracks.


2. The Rolex design catalogue is very large

Astoundingly, but everyone could find its own Rolex model. Brand makes a lot of individual designs, so you can be pretty sure that your timepiece is just one of a kind. Isn’t it just a dream coming true? Also you can get exactly that kind of watches you really need and want.

For instance, if most of your time you’re outdoor enjoying the nature, you will need the watch that is going to really keep up with you, then go for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Explorer II, because this model is really perfect for that kind of requirement.


If you are a big fan of diving and swimming, pay your attention to the Rolex Submariner 16618. This model is water resistant up to 100 metres and just made for sporty kind of person.

And if you are looking for something more subtle and delicate, then you should definitely like the Rolex Lady Datejust 69173, it has diamonds all over, and look so glamorous and sophisticated that you’re going to feel special the whole time it’s on your wrist.

3. Rolex will never let you down

What you really need to remember about Rolex watches is that they are not just a simple purchase, but a great investment. These timepieces made so well, they are so durable and reliable, that they will serve you for years and years. If you hesitate between buying cheaper watch or Rolex, think about how cheap timepiece will get scratched, or damaged, would go slow or just stop working within a year. But Rolex is that kind of watch you will give it to your kids as a heirloom.

So now after looking through these main reasons of why you should choose Rolex, after knowing how many various models and designs this brand is ready to represent (to match any personality), and how long-lived and secure they are, what can possibly stop you from buying the watch of your dream? Rolex is really something truly timeless and outstanding.