Jaeger-LeCoultre Batman The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition Watch

As one of the premier watch makers in the world, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been known to lend its take on popular culture. When the movie "Batman Forever" was released in 1995, Jaeger-LeCoultre commemorated the event with a special edition Reverso watch that sold in limited numbers at its boutiques around the world. With the 2012 release of the widely anticipated movie "The Dark Knight Rises," Jaeger-LeCoultre has one again given fans of the Batman franchise an elegant way to express their devotion to the Caped Crusader. The Jaeger-LeCoultre "The Dark Knight Rises" limited edition watch is something that every Batman fan will want to have, but only a select few will actually get a chance to own. Jaeger-LeCoultre Batman The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition Watch The first thing you notice about the "Dark Knight Rises" limited edition watch is that it is designed in a style that is very reminiscent of the watches the company was making in 1931. The sleek design and simple colors give a look and feel of a watch that was made decades earlier. The company reached back to a 1930s design because that is the decade in which Batman first appeared in the comics. Hundreds of comic books, a successful television series and several blockbuster movies later, Batman has become one of the superheroes of choice for the public. To help bring that all to life, Jaeger-LeCoultre issued this watch. The watch is a flip face watch that has the elegant timepiece on one side and a replica of the new Bat-symbol from the movie on the other. The face and the Bat-symbol are done in black to offer a stark contrast to the metallic shell that holds them in place. The face can be easily flipped to protect it and to show off the Bat-symbol etched on the rear plate. This is another Reverso watch that uses very deliberate lines and contrasting black and bright colors to make a bold statement. The case and the shell of the watch are made of steel and offer a durable piece for Batman fans to wear. Jaeger-LeCoultre Batman The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition Watch Jaeger-LeCoultre has not indicated how many of these limited edition watches it will make or when production of these watches will stop. Batman fans are encouraged to get their limited edition watch as soon as possible to avoid the possibility that they may be missing out on the final commemorative piece for one of the finest and most successful superhero movie trilogies ever made.