Montegrappa Designer Pens

Sensational Century

For over 100 years, Montegrappa has been crafting exquisite fine writing instruments in the same building on the banks of the River Brenta. The Italian brand has been inspired by the beauty and nature that sits outside their windows as well as bringing special limited edition pens honoring prominent historic figures and events around the globe.  

F1 Fast and Fabulous

Finding the inspiration from Brazilian Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, the brand designed this very elegant and engraved sterling silver fountain pen. The beautiful design elements and packaging were created from the cars the driver raced in over 160 competitions. The .925 sterling silver body has tire tread marks engraved throughout, while the cap has Senna’s brand logo engraved on the side and a tire embellishes the top with the Montegrappa trade mark. Certainly the 20 years of legacy for this Formula One driver is worthy of such a collectible and his fans will appreciate the limited editions writing instruments. The gold and silver versions were limited to 1960 pens which recognizes the year Senna was born.  

Tea Time Excellence

Seeing the beauty of St. Moritz would make anyone swoon, but taking that beauty and capturing it in Sterling Silver and Celluloid is just amazing. The luxurious Italian pen created by Montegrappa is pure excellence. The design combining celluloid and sterling silver is balanced perfectly allowing for the curved barrel, decorated by the brand designers. Choosing four historic posters that embrace the charms of St. Mortiz, and then each hand painted by artist Lorena Straffi. The pens that are manufactured mainly with high cost celluloid, a material that is made from cotton fibre and natural pigments such as mother-of-pearl, and then further complimented with sterling silver or 18k gold. The pen is 5.5" long, and of course has the engraved cap featuring the trademark, 1912 Montegrappa. The limited edition pens truly capture the heart of the Switzerland resort and will bring fond memories every time the nib touches the paper.

Time Marches On

As we continue to appreciate the beauty and craftmanship that Montegrappa has delivered for over a century we must also recognize that the art of writing can only be written with the artistry of these fountain pens. With each stroke of the pen comes a breath released from history. As more and more electronic communication takes over the world, we lose the essential essence of the heartbeat which we feel when holding these pens in the curve of your fingers.