Limited Edition OMAS Pens

According to Marta Cruciani, Marketing Manager at Omas Pens, pens are changing, and OMAS is changing the design of their classic Paragon pen to reflect the changes in taste and style. The new design of the OMAS Paragon is larger and includes the new OMAS logo. The Arte Italiana collection from OMAS has been in existence since 1930, and is the true symbol of OMAS luxury and quality. Additional changes to the Paragon include a distinctive “O” on the pen cap as well as a redesign of the pen clip, which is also larger. The end section of the OMAS Paragon can be selected with a gold or silver plate. World of Luxury carries a wide selection of OMAS luxury pens – ideal for indulging your desire to write and perfect as a gift for someone special.
OMAS Imagination The Omas Imagination Limited Fountain Pen is a modern and sleek fountain pen design created to offer luxurious style without sacrificing functionality. It connects old world class with modern age technology to create a writing instrument that is more than just a status symbol but the pen of choice for every day use.
OMAS Doctor`s Pen Limited Edition The OMAS Doctor’s Pen Limited Edition is a re-creation of their original 1927 design. It was coined the “Doctor’s Pen” because of the thermometer contained in the barrel of the pen. Designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Armondo Simoni, who died in 1959, this limited edition run will be curtailed to 158 pens.
OMAS Lamborghini Limited Edition The OMAS Lamborghini Limited Edition Pen brings the sleek beauty and luxury of two Italian companies together: OMAS and Lamborghini. The pen pays homage to this most incredible Italian car by limiting product to 1,963 pieces in honor of the year Lamborghini was founded. In both fountain pen and roller ball styles, the OMAS Lamborghini Limited Edition Luxury Pen is the race car of writing instruments.
OMAS Russian Empire Limited Edition Fountain Pen The OMAS Russian Empire Limited Edition Fountain Pen gloriously relives the luxury and beauty of the Russian Empire. This pen is a fabulous example of the fine craftsmanship found in OMAS collections, with royal lions on the cap of the fountain pen and historical and cultural references on the body of the pen. The pen, a limited edition run of only 801 pieces, is constructed of black vegetal resin, enamel, Vermeil, and 18K gold.
OMAS I Think Fountain Pen Limited Edition Paying homage to Charles Darwin, the OMAS I Think Limited Edition Fountain Pen incorporates Darwin’s famous trip on the HMS Beale on the barrel of the pen as well as several of the species Darwin studied that helped form his opinions on evolution.
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