OMAS - Pens that Write with the Spirit of the Times

The creator of Officina Mecanica Armando Simori (OMAS) summed up his passion for his art by saying “A pen must make writing pleasurable.” Everything else that follows from the design of his pens comes from that one idea. Since pens are used as a means of expression, the pen you write with should reflect this passion in its design. Armando was a designer and interested in aesthetics but was also had profound technical and mechanical knowledge, leading to a pen that mixes innovation with design. One should design with emotion and passion for beautiful objects, and Armando does just that. He seeks to capture the spirit of the times in his pens and commemorates significant historical and cultural events with special edition pens. These limited edition models are refined and handcrafted to perfection, creating an extraordinary balance and an elegant appearance.

Omas Limited Edition Pens

A perfect mix of tradition and modernity, each pen takes advantage of technology but with a human touch. Each pen has over 100 stages of design, ensuring every minute crevice and detail are crafted perfectly. OMAS is known for its innovation as well with pens like the OMAS 361 that can perform three types of writing; flexible calligraphic, hard, and ball-point. In order to ensure ultimate comfort, OMAS also conducts research to create pens like the OMAS 360 that has a triangular shape so that ones’ fingers fall naturally to the optimum position. Here are a few features of OMAS pens:
  • - Made with noble materials like cotton resin, titanium, celluloid, gold, and silver
  • - 12 sides of celluloid are shaped individually and then polished by hand with a cork - a task that requires two years of training
  • - Many different unique and limited edition pens are introduced regularly

OMAS Limited Edition: 360 Lucens Golden Silver Finishing

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their use of the 360 design, OMAS has produced this limited edition Lucens collection. With its semi-transparent resin, this collection is distinguished from the original Lucens, and Extra Lucens, by its 360 triangular design. The fountain pens are being offered in an edition of 1000. Five hundred with odd numbers have been produced in high-tech trim. Five hundred with even numbers are accented in gold trim. Based on the legendary Extra Lucens Anni 30, produced by OMAS in the 1930's, this Lucens 360 has its own style with the rhodium (or gold) gripping section.

OMAS Limited Edition: Aleksandr Pushkin Enamel

Alexander Puskin is considered to be the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature. A romantic, Alexander Puskin is the subject of this OMAS limited edition. Born in Moscow at the end of the 18th century, Pushkin published his first poem at the age of fourteen. Over the course of his short life, 37 years, he became involved in social reform and was sent into exile for his outspoken support of literary radicals. Pushkin died in 1837, but not from the hardships of exile. He was killed by a fatal wound he suffered after a duel with the man who was rumored to be having an affair with his wife, Natalya. With such a dramatic life it is only fitting OMAS should produce such a dramatic pen in both gold and silver trim. Only 1000 pieces of the silver edition have been made. The gold pens have been manufactured in an edition of just 26 pieces. The image of Pushkin, engraved on the barrel, is based on his self-portrait. We appreciate the simple lines of this pen. When the pen is capped, it has a continuous shape with its widest girth at the junction of cap and barrel. The silver trim pen has a solid 18k gold rhodium plated nib and is available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad.

OMAS Limited Edition: Chateau Lafite Rothschild Oak Wood

This pen is a joint venture between Rothschild and OMAS companies. Similar in shape and size to the OMAS Krug LE, the OMAS Lafite Rothschild is also cut from Oak barrel staves. In this case from the aging barrels of the Rothschild Winery. When first opened from its presentation box, this pen has the pleasant aroma of a winery. We have little wonder that many hand tools have oak handles. Wood has a wonderful feel in the hand. It does, however, stain if ink is allowed to penetrate its surface. The cap is completely lined and sealed at the cap lip so that, with the exception of the place where the clip is inserted, ink will be easily wiped off. The nib is imprinted with the five arrow logo of Lafite Rothschild. The silver section is engraved with the words, "GRAND VIN DE LAFITE ROTHSCHILD"