Uranus Omega Swatch MoonSwatch Watch Review

Out Of this World

          Omega and Swatch teamed up to present an out of this world collection of BioCeramic MoonSwatch designs. There are 11 designs capturing the planetary bodies of the solar system.  The Mission to Uranus model features a vibrant Tiffany blue with a white velcro strap capturing the gas giant planet that sits some 1.8 billion miles from the sun.  The quartz movement and white hands equipped with tachymeter scale is 3 bar water resistant and is complete with both Swatch and Omega logo on the dials.

Collaboration and Participation

          Getting your hands on the Uranus Omega Swatch MoonSwatch could be quite a feat, since they are not sold online and you have to find someone who either acquired and is now selling or be lucky enough to find a boutique store that actually has this one or any of the others.  So these timepieces are a big deal, and with exquisite design and functionality the watch is going to be a keeper.  Colorful cases and dials, complete with complimentary strap brings fun and comfort to your wrist.  The brands have earned respect and well deserved when you can deliver such bold choices for the watch industry.

Color, Class, Chronograph

          The elegant pastel blue coupled with the bright white velcro strap is a statement for the Mission Uranus chronograph timepiece.  The watch features a seconds hand, counter hands, and the tachymeter scale background all done in white.  The dials are imprinted with the Omega X Swatch branding, in addition to the iconic Speedmaster logo as well as the new MoonSwatch logo.  The glass construction presents the ‘hidden’ S carefully placed in the center of the crystal, and integrates the sophisticated circular pattern on the dials outer ring and the subdials.  The construction of the lugs is smooth and sharp, not forgetting the iconic ‘dot over 90’ detail sitting on the tachymeter scaled bezel.  The Bioceramic material certainly blasts this collection into orbit, and is key to the Omega Swatch Speedmaster Uranus MoonSwatch design.  The asymmetrical case housing the distinctive Speedmaster subdials as well as the hours, minutes, second hands and hour markers sporting the superluminova so that glow in the dark is perfection.

Limited Love

          The Omega Swatch designs are hard to find, and the cost could be over the affordable pricing you can find in the boutique locations, but worth every penny if you can grab one because they are truly out of this world.