Richard Mille Thrustograph Tourbillon Watch

Well the new Richard Mille Thrustograph Tourbillon Watch certainly can boast that it was designed from passion. While the brand has a reputation for crafting timepieces for the active lifestyle, and high luxury, this watch takes a step into a more intimate setting, the bedroom. Passion and performance have hit a new peak with the creation of this timepiece.

The brand wanted a timepiece that could allow a man to measure and perhaps improve his performance during every romantic rendezvous. The vision behind the watch was to actually craft a timepiece that is mutually beneficial, because romantic partners are working to be the best they can be. Therefore the Richard Mille Thrustograph Tourbillon Watch is simply an extension of the brand values, providing a durable and reliable piece to be a part of life’s most demanding activities.

The brand did extensive research to determine that it was not the length of a romantic session, or the exact measure of male performance in action, but rather the quantitative measure of the pelvic thrusts. The research revealed that obtaining more thrusts meant greater benefits in exercise, as well as a much more positive experience for the partner. While it is extremely difficult to measure such activity during the heat of the moment, it is always possible with the new timepiece.

Richard Mille Thrustograph Tourbillon Watch

Previous successful timepieces pushed the brand to this research and design of the new watch. Developing a piece that could survive very active lifestyles, and also aid in improving them was the ultimate goal. The brand made it a mission to investigate and find what activities they could make a difference in. The research did uncover that no sport truly appealed to every male, none, but one.

If you are going to spend the time for research and development of a timepiece that is elegant, refined, precise and of the highest quality, then you want that watch to be on the arm of as many people as you can possibly reach. So of course, most men participate and are very active in the sport of love and copulation.

Richard Mille Thrustograph Tourbillon Watch

Certainly making love is a favorite of every man, and improving personal performance in that area, always on the mind of every man. So the brand reached out to Giulio Papi, in order to design a technical masterpiece with this timepiece. A tourbillon of course would be contained in the new design, but it also had to measure pelvic thrusts with great accuracy, and therein was the challenge.

Of course while it may not be perfect, the timepiece has to adapt to your lifestyle, it has to be worn and developed for each individual. Helping each individual to understand their baseline, their foundation to build upon, it can provide them with a starting point, and they can always try to improve on each performance.

Small sensors on the back of the timepiece measure a combination of heart rate, skin moisture, temperature and physical vibration and feed that to a mechanical digital counter on the dial. The brilliant design of the Richard Mille Thrustograph Tourbillon Watch will record up to 9.999 thrusts per reading, while the average count for most men was under 100. The development of a tourbillon that could take shocks and be built with durability required a design of a unique tension cable system that supported the movement.

Insuring that the watch was reliable and could take a lot of pounding was proven by the dedicated team at the brand, and a true point of the work ethic that has resulted in the dependability and reliability of the brand. One of the main questions that arose during the testing was how would partners feel about someone wearing a watch during intercourse, and then monitoring what results were after it was over. The answer, make the watch ultra-light, highly attractive, and very smooth.

The aesthetic beauty of the timepiece is perfect. Even at room temperature the watch is never cool to the touch. It is a truly elegant design that can go from boardroom to bedroom without issue, assisting the wearer in both places with the ultimate results.