S.T. Dupont’s Elite Luxury Pens and Lighters

The famous luxury brand known as S.T. Dupont gets its name from the owner who started the business at 25, Simon Tissot-Dupont. Simon was a son of millers who was born in Savoy, and became known as one of the most elegant brands of pens and lighters. The company is known for its limited edition pens and lighters that were made specifically for celebrities of the time such as:
  • - Al Capone discretely dispatched his second in command to S.T. Dupont
  • - Princess Elisabeth of England was given a wedding gift made uniquely for her
  • - In 1952, a special lighter was made just for the Duke of Windsor
  • - Other specialty items were made for the Duke of Kent, Maurice de Rothschild, and many others
In addition to making custom unique pens for celebrities and the elite, S.T. Dupont is also known for its innovation with many items that were first of their kind. For example, in 1941, the company created the first pocket petrol lighter and patented the adjustable gas lighter. Also, they are known for creating the first luxury jewelry pen, raising the bar for luxury and limited edition pens.

They are worth their weight in gold - and more

Only the finest, most elegant and innovative products are worthy of carrying the S.T. Dupont brand name. S.T. Dupont has a dedication to quality like no other, and will go the extra mile to ensure the quality is consistent. Known for their distinct tone when clicked, their lighters are noticeable just by the sound. If any lighter does not make the correct sound, an expert will work on it for hours until the desired tone is achieved. When you order a S.T. Dupont limited edition pen or lighter, you know that you aren’t paying just for the name. With the S.T. Dupont stamp comes the expectation of craftsmanship,as every item is hand-crafted, and innovation by their application of Chinese lacquer. Below are a few of the elegant pens and lighters that you can expect from S.T. Dupont:

S.T. Dupont : Fifth Avenue Table Lighter Limited Edition

S.T. launches the limited edition Fifth Avenue collection – a tribute to New York's architecture and design of the 1930's and 1940's. Showcasing S.T. Dupont's reputation for exquisite lacquer and jewelry finishes, the Fifth Avenue collection includes writing instruments, lighters and smoking accessories meticulously crafted in taupe and chocolate lacquers embellished with pale-gold metallic high relief overlays. The central motif on each piece is a globe design inspired by the 1936 statue of Atlas at Rockefeller Center. The guilloche, chasing, engraving, precious metal plating and polishing are all done by hand, employing 50 of Dupont's expert craftsmen to work on each product. Approximately 120 hours or work are required to produce each lighter – three times longer than a standard lacquered lighter. The Fifth Avenue collection includes the Line 2, the Gatsby and the large Table lighters.

S.T. Dupont: Prestige Collection Lighter: Black Mother of Pearl

The smoky iridescence of black mother-of-pearl is beauty at its most natural and dazzling. Combined with a bright palladium finish and handsome grooved lines on the cap, the Ligne 2 Nacre Noire is a remarkable work of art that adds a noticeable touch of color to your favorite ritual. Flip open the cap, listen for the classic "ping" sound, and let the good times begin.

S.T. Dupont: New York 5th Avenue Limited Edition

American aristocrats living on Fifth Avenue in New York City during the 1930's and 1940's commissioned works from the most talented French interior decorators. The Dupont brothers, as well as other French artists and architects, were ambassadors of French art de vivre. The products of S.T. Dupont were in much demand in prestigious Manhattan shops. Now, S.T. Dupont launches the limited edition New York Fifth Avenue collection a tribute to New York's architecture and design of the 1930's and 1940's. The marriage of two colors of lacquer, enriched by multiple engraved arabesques, has fully exploited the expertise of our lacquerers and jewelers. Guilloche, chasing, engraving, plating with precious gold and polishing are all done by hand, giving the items a luxurious luster. Approximately 160 hours of work are required to produce a single pen four times longer than a standard lacquered pen. Only 1,929 pieces of each mode are available worldwide

S.T. Dupont: Presitge Collection Olympio XL Fountain Pen

Olympio Extra Large Fountain Pen - Mozambique Ebony Palladium trims Inspired by the 1930s Art Déco movement, S.T.Dupont is sculpting a fountain pen out of Mozambique Ebony. The wood on the cap and barrel is engraved with rings that create movement and relief. The palladium trims throughout the pen enlighten this rare and precious wood. The long nib is handmade in 18-carat solid gold. The articulated clip keeps the pockets of the shirts and jackets preserved. The S.T.Dupont logo is engraved on the top of the cap. Nib size: Extra Large.