Style Meets Art In The Moonstruck Watch By Ulysse Nardin

Sometimes you can tell how special a watch is by just looking at it. Luxury watch designer Ulysse Nardin has been creating timepiece works of art for years now. This new Moonstruck line takes the concept of time and art to a whole new level as this bold design is something that true enthusiasts will want to own.

The Moonstruck Watch By Ulysse Nardin

The watch uses the relative position of the sun and the moon to the Earth to keep precise time. That is referred to as the UN-106 movement. But Nardin takes that to the next level by using a blue, green and white color scheme which reminds the wearer that his wristwatch is being dictated by the tides and the movement of the sun. A small painting of planet Earth is seen in the very middle of the design and the face uses a flat, blue color that can only remind a person of the sea. You can see the sun and the moon indicators on the face as they move in perfect synchronization with the planets around us.

The Moonstruck Watch By Ulysse Nardin

This model comes in two different versions. Both versions have the same functionality, but they offer diverse looks because of the case materials. One case is made from 18-karat red gold and the other is made from polished platinum. The dial on each piece is hand-painted mother of pearl and that blue button really helps to add to the overall look of the watch.

In each model, the strap is black leather with a folding buckle. It is adjustable to fit most wrists, and the leather is treated for its protection. The durable nature of the timepiece is preserved with its water resistance rating of 100 meters. The watch tells the time, date and the phases of the moon. It comes equipped with an instant time zone adjustment feature that will help your wristwatch to keep up with you when you are out traveling. It can be a sports model, or it can be the most unique formal timepiece you have ever owned.

Ulysse Nardin is known for its unique designs, but it has outdone itself with the Moonstruck Watch. Not only is this model highly precise and extremely functional, but its design will definitely turn heads and start conversations. This is a limited edition piece, so don’t let it slip away without making sure that you get your Moonstruck design.