Luxury Watch Trends of 2019

The most prevalent trends in 2019 were: 1) blue dial color watches; watches with dial sizes between 36mm and 42mm were most popular; 3) another trend that continued in 2019 was fascination with complicated watches – date display, chronograph, GMT function, and a second timezone.

Blue Is Your Color

The watch dials that seemed most prevalent in 2019 were lovely and elegant shades of blue. In the past black dials were the most popular, followed by silver and white. The brands showcased a number of beautiful blue faced timepieces and certainly they are just colorful enough to not be boring. Brands like Breguet, Longines and Breitling all had some lovely blue hues in their collections and Marine models were not the only watches to feature these shades. Light blue and dark blue, royal and more, collections all featured some nice shades with striking accents and some even carried it forward to the straps. Every brand boasted blue dials on at least some of their timepieces, and we loved that being blue was not all about depression, but more about impression!

Size Does Matter

While brand trends are always something to catch your eye, the size of timepieces has taken a step down, and the smaller models seem to be gaining popularity. In 2019 the 36 to 42mm diameter watches seemed to perform exceptionally well. Men and women both seem to want attractive timepieces, something that looks nice on a smaller wrist and it appears that watch makers are taking notice. Panerai, an Italian brand that introduced some lovely watches below 40mm and did not have to sacrifice any of the features that attract customers for their timepieces. Breitling also introduced some 38mm choices and marketed those to women. Men and women both have embraced the new smaller dimensions despite the larger sizes driving popularity the past few years. History has shown that smaller dimensions were always loved, and so many brands have reissued collections that were originally sized under 40mm. These classic designs have shown creative case shapes as well.  Many brands have remained with a round case, while others took a more interesting path with angular, slimmer ergonomic designs and some rectangular shapes with sizes also under the 40mm diameter.

Complicated Means Interesting

Exquisite and elegant timepieces do more these days than just provide the time, they offer complications that set a new bar. The number one most popular of these complications is the date display. The chronograph functions are certainly more than novelties, and brands deliver so many choices. With timepieces sporting moon phases, annual calendars, specialty silicon escape wheels, and more each design is more spectacular than the last. The chronograph stopwatch function is also a fan favorite and the GMT functions that sport a second time zone also are in the top designs.

New Decades Bring New Decadence

As we enter 2020 we look at a host of brands that are showcasing vintage looks, and retro inspirations.  Horological technology and designs continue to leap forward and adapt to the client tastes and wants.  From diameter and thickness desires to new designs and shapes each timepiece takes on new spectacular form.  New and innovative materials are being used and every luxury brand is excited to see what the future will bring.  The world will continue to change, new ideas will continue to shape the future and timepieces will guide us as we move forward.