Vacheron Constantin's monkey business

Vacheron Constantin decided to enrich the series models Métiers d'Art La légende du zodiaque Chino with sign of monkey. Exactly this symbol will replace goat sign in February 8, 2016 in the Chinese New Year. With the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva, the creation of two new limited edition of 12 pieces, combining technical excellence Calibre 2460 G4 with the beauty of artistic skill.

China - a country with which Vacheron Constantin have a special relationship since 1845, first invented the technique of paper cutting known as Jianzhi. This artistic approach was the foundation of models Métiers d'Art La légende du zodiaque chinois, and is embodied in the new life thanks to the experience of craftsmen and engravers enameller.

On the dial there is a pattern of leaves similar to classical Chinese iconography engraved directly on the metal. The pattern is half-squeezed and released from its gold base thin phased implementation bright relief lines, creating an effect of depth. It makes graphics vegetation seemed to hover over the dial.

Then comes the stage of enamelling Grand Feu - technology invented in Geneva, which are able to handle a few skilled craftsmen. Using enamel in successive layers, a specialist enameller increases the intensity of blue or bronze color in the dials of the new models. Achieving the desired intensity of color and reaction to the burning at a temperature of 800 to 900 degrees Celsius require such knowledge and experience that can be purchased only with many years of work. Monkey made of platinum or gold hand-engraved, delicately placed in the center of the dial.

Calibre 2460 G4 allowed to create an ideal and unique framework for the decorative arts, giving the central dial decoration lead. The main display of time in the absence of the shooter performs its functions through the four holes for hours, minutes, days and dates. This display - the first two with a smooth movement of the last two and a hopping type - proudly embody the famous craftsmanship know-how Maison factory in the design and development of original dials. Well-marked through the sapphire crystal back of the case of platinum or rose gold rotor is decorated with a repeating pattern Maltese Cross, evidence of fulfillment of finishing in accordance with the best traditions of watchmaking. Each component of the clockwork are exquisitely decorated with all the quality criteria of the Geneva Hallmark - sign stigma, which is true, and proudly wear model Vacheron Constantin.

And now, some fine features:

Calibre 2460 watch G4, designed and created by Vacheron Constantin, mechanical, automobile plant. Its diameter is 31 mm, thickness of 6.05 mm. Approximately 40 hours of power reserve. The frequency of the clock - 4 Hz (28 800 pc / h), consists of 237 components and 27 stones.

The body is made of platinum or rose gold 18K, its diameter is 40 mm, thickness of the shell - 12.74 mm. Water-resistant to 30 meters.

The dial is made of gold 18K, hand engraving and enamelling Grand Feu. Also, manually engraved platinum or gold 18K 5N monkey image.

By the way the most expensive products of brand can not just be bought in store. These products are made to order under which the individual wishes of the customer are taken into account, respectively, of their number and complexity depends on the price. In general we can say that the company does not produce products that can be classified as low-cost. Even the most "budget" model Malte Grande collection costs from 9500 dollars, and the Tourbillon with diamond and platinum finish body, as well as visually open mechanism will cost no less than 250 thousand dollars.